Your arms are safe,

Your smile so honest.

The time is now, the future unknown.

Strawberries, sunshine,

Rosebuds and sunflowers.

Kisses and hugs,

Christmas songs to see you smile.

Scream in the night, telephone rings

They say he is with You, “just for a visit?” I beg, with tears in my eyes.

I felt the answer was no, when I felt my heart break.

The beauty in Washing dishes.

As I began washing my dishes, I pulled out my adorable dish rack. I remembered when we worked together and how fun it was to see you all the time!

As I began to wash the dishes I was thinking about what you would do without a dish rack. Then I remembered how we would get together now and then to cook or clean or go out!

Then I remembered how not to long ago I saw you and you were doing well. We planned to go out the next week, but I had to work. We talked of getting together soon! You said you didn’t want to lose touch like before.

Before…..that took me back through a couple years, and that reminded me of the time you opened your house to me. I remember also that you always listen when I need to talk and you never pry or judge. I thank you for your friendship, I appreciate you being dedicated to our friendship! I have been in quarantine for so long I have lost count of the days, and I will be released on the 20th day!

I was brought back to the dish rack at this moment, I was reminded how much you hate washing dishes. That was when I realized what you need, and then I was saddened that I didn’t have one to give you!

You always make me a card with a sweet little poem, but I Write different poetry, a story to tell. So here is your story. And see you soon!

The answer is a mobile dishwasher! It would be perfect!

The Beginning of the End

She laid awake and said the name into the night……Lacey Rose

Her whispering voice melted into the silence of the room that held her sleeping family. It has been amazing of the hotel owner to allow families to use the rooms to live in, until everything gets better. Sleeping hasn’t been the same since the fire. It’s become necessary for us to hear the safe slumbering of our family, and maybe we will be allowed at least one restful night.

Every time I close my eyes and begin to drift off to sleep I smell the fire. Why would anyone do such a thing, how does anyone think burning down a neighborhood is a way to throw a fit! Life is so different then it was when I was a child. People wait for “the normal” to return, but if you think about it life continues to change going forward, not usually backward.

Our biggest adventure is going downstairs to sit in our designated family space. Family space is something we put together allowing each family to have a place to play games and eat supper. We schedule visits from other families, but try to have separate family time to keep some sort of normalcy in our lives.

After we got all settled in to the hotel, there was a man who seemed out of place here. It just kept my attention on point. So many people could get hurt if things got out of hand. But he keeps looking this way. Maybe it’s because I’m watching him, I’m trying to not be creepy about it. But I have family and friends here to keep safe.

As we ready to have family time, the kids get their pillows and blankets and gather by the fire for story time. As Dad gets ready to read to the kids I also settle into my rocking chair. My eyes slowly close, hoping for a few minutes of rest while the kids are safe and things are quiet.

Suddenly this man comes out of nowhere and grabs Lacey, he is trying to take her. I grab her by the arm and pull a gun from the small of my back. I point the gun at the stranger. Lacey begins to scream and Dad grabs the man by throwing one arm around his neck and squeezing. this threw him off kilter and he released Lacey and tried to run. Dad told him to calm down few times before he obeyed. Feeling the revolver pressed into his ribs the intruder didn’t question Dads words.

It was the same nightmare of that night, leaving me with the question,why was that man after Lacey Rose?

Silently Prompting Change

I was stuck, frozen by fear. I only dreamed of a life without terror. Those dreams were in the day, night dreams were of running for our lives to nothing, no safety, just more terror.

I returned from work, hoping to find everyone in good spirits. Oddly the house was quiet, something was off but I would have to figure it out for myself. Very quietly I needed to check the kids to be sure all was well.

Sneaking through the old creaky trailer, I could see remnants of some adult drinking that made my stomach flip. Listening for child chatter I could hear none, peaking in the bedroom door I could see my boys asleep in their beds, both with tear stained faces. What had this day held for them? As I looked slightly more closely I could see a bruise left by an adult hand on his precious tiny cheek.

Anger and urgency rose within me, no more time could be taken. But I must be very careful, not to lose control of this situation. Finding all the courage I had inside me, I awoke the person who had caused such strife in my life. I had to leave and get help, I couldn’t make plans past that one, things were happening so fast.

The only store within 20 miles, a local convenience store. As I pulled in, there was middle of the afternoon business rush, I couldn’t find a quiet place to think. I went inside to buy a pack of smokes, as I came back out I spotted the pay phone. All I had to do was make one phone call. Who would I call, and why do people keep looking my way? Do they know him, will they tell him I called someone from this phone.

I went to the pay phone booth and picked up the receiver and begin to dial. They were watching and listening I just knew it. I had to be careful or I might not make it out alive. It’s taking to long he will know, how long has it been. Oh God please help me through this!

Hello? the voice on the other side asks, “yes, Hi mom,” I answer. “Are you okay?”she asked. “Not really,” I responded. “Please mom read my mind,”I thought to myself. “Are the kids okay?” She asked. “Yes and No,” I answered. “Is anyone bleeding?” She asked. “No,” I assured her. “Do I need to call the cops?”she questioned. “Yes please,” I responded, getting chills as I was sure someone close was listening. I was sure someone, somehow knew both sides of the conversation I just had and would tell him. He would kill me for sure.

I calmly walked back to my car, watching everyone go about their daily life. I wondered who it would be that would spy on me for him. But no time to waist, I had to get back and act like nothing was amiss. I laid down on the recliner and day dreamed of what life could be like if the kids and I weren’t scared anymore.

The life changing, prompt noise of knocking at the door, “POLICE”!

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #156

Mystical Moments

As the night takes over the sky and brings a day of sailing to a close, we snuggle together under a quilt. Our boat gently rocking from the slow moving waves, no words need be spoken as I lay against your chest and the rhythm of our breathing becomes one.

This is it, the most perfect moment of all time, being with the one person that completes me. The one that makes silence special, looking at the reflection of the mystical moon atop the smooth water surface. When I hear your gently sigh I know we share the same heart for the beauty before us.

I try to focus on every bit of these moments to hold them dear forever. Your arms tightly wrapped around me, the safe feeling of your chest against my back letting me know how much bigger and stronger you are then I. feeling your breath on my neck, giving me goosebumps that only make you hold me tighter.

Everyday with you is so amazing, I hold each day as a precious blessing for me. I love you with an unimaginable love that has no limits. To be intertwined with you everyday for the rest of forever reminds me that through all my struggles you my love stand loyal with me for all time!

image source – Lunapic generated.

Unique Decor

Out on a Sunday drive years ago, just enjoying time together, catching up on our lives. I see signs with treasure promised and excitement guarantee! I point this sign out to the love of my life. FLEA MARKET He reads it out loud. He flips the turn signal on, and starts to use the exit. Quickly planning a budget, he says, “No Extra money”, I nod and take off my seatbelt with a smile! As he pulls into the parking space and slides the shift to park, he leans over and kisses me softly and says, “I Love you.” I return the kiss and reply, “I Love you too.

As we enter the establishment I was drawn in by amazing things, and my husband found knives. As I walked slowly I saw many different treasures. There was an old baby carriage, I’m sure it had held some baby’s in it’s time. Bounced along on the sidewalk while being pushed through town. Seeing the sunshine, snow and rain many times before it was to old. Now being enjoyed by many as a decoration holding a doll.

I later spotted an old wooden cigar box. It was well used, so I knew that it seen a mantle for years. Only coming out on special occasions to share a cigar with a friend. Later it may have held letters from a long lost loved one, placed carefully in the dresser drawer at the nursing home. Later living in storage then auctioned off. And now here it lay, empty and for sale.

As I walked up the stairs I came upon this photo, the old frame with the damaged picture. What has this picture seen. This man is praying, who has he prayed over? Where has this been displayed? I love this photo. It is old, it has been damaged, it is perfectly un perfect.

This picture was my treasure, this was what I couldn’t live without. My husband came around the corner and there I stood holding the picture. He said, “hey baby, what did you find?” I held up my three dollar treasure and he said, “i like it.” He took it from my hands, and held my other hand as we made our way to the register.

It was a wonderful day for a Sunday drive. And an exciting challenge to take a broken down picture and give it new life. I was excited and had a plan by the time I got home!

The American Flag has some damage on, but it is still beautiful. As I know there are many that fight for this country, God is one who goes before us and fights for us. So I then decided I would would put the two together, and I love it.

When the Concrete Dries

J.C. Loves T.C. -2013

In the corner of my living room lies the declaration of mine and my husband everlasting love!

No matter who lives here after us, no matter where we live later in life. In the corner of this living room will always be our initials!

True love built this home, true love has left its mark on this home! The kids have grown up and moved out. Birthdays come and go, many Christmases have seen this house! Yet the love within just grows and grows!



I was standing outside in the cool night air. I added to the load of my things on that trailer, it was almost full. I made sure to get the kids favorite things, and as much as my stuff as possible. I still have some time to finish packing and I will be gone by morning.

The woods seemed emptier with out him here. The night seemed colder but safe none the less. The kids slept in their sleeping bags and I carried that cell phone like I needed it to live. I had never had a cell phone and this one wasn’t mine. Being concealed away from people didn’t come with phones or cars.

But that was over now, no more being scared. No more being sold to please someone else. No more being sent out to make money for rent or food and returning empty handed. No more wondering if I would live another day, or where the kids would go if I didn’t wake up. No More!

Standing there in the night pondering a new beginning. Listening to the leaves and the silent sound of my own breathing. The phone rings in my pocket. Everything froze, I put the phone to my ear and whisper “hello”.

Yes, ma’am I’m calling to let you know he was released an hour ago. You need to get to safety and be around other people…… My blood stopped flowing as the leaves moved close by.